Makeover Monday 2019 Week 10: World Development Indicators

Makeover Monday

This week’s Makeover Monday challenge is in association with Operation Fistula. The original chart is the following map showing adolescent fertility rates in Africa. However, the dataset provided does not include the data needed to reproduce this chart:

What works well?

  • Clean and simple. Well-labelled. Easy to understand.
  • Colours are muted and not distracting. Visually-pleasing.

What could be improved?

  • Legend should be placed closer to the map to aid the viewer.

What Marc did:

  • Focused on female life expectancy in African countries.
  • Used a geo chart in Data Studio to map the data.
  • Added a jitter plot to show the distribution of life expectancy across countries. The filter allows you to select a particular country and see it in context of the distribution.
View in Data Studio

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