Makeover Monday 2019 Week 4: Energy Use at 10 Downing Street

Makeover Monday

This week’s Makeover Monday looks at electricity usage at 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

What works well?

  • A time series chart is appropriate for displaying the trend in energy usage.
  • Peaks in usage are highlighted in lighter green.

What could be improved?

  • The graph does not provide a legend for the different shades of green. However, it is explained in the notes available on the source website.
  • It is difficult to see patterns in usage by hour of day.

What Ryan did:

  • Started off with a heat map by month and day of the week.
  • I also wanted show the trends by hour, so I created small multiple line charts also by month and day of the week.
  • Used transparent sheets to overlay the line charts on top of the heat map.
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What Marc did:

  • Created a calendar layout using week number and weekday in Tableau.
  • Charted hourly electricity usage as a heatmap; brighter spots indicate higher usage.
  • Used the Yellow-Green-Blue (YlGnBu) colour palette, available from Jacob Olufska’s Colour Palettes for Tableau viz.
  • Took some overall design inspiration from Justin Davis’ At Minimum viz.
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