Makeover Monday 2019 Week 1: NHL Attendance

Makeover Monday

The first Makeover Monday of 2019 offers us this chart of average attendance by team in the NHL.

What works well?

  • Teams are sorted in alphabetical order by city

What could be improved?

  • The y-axis for the bars should start at zero. Truncating the axis results in inaccurate comparisons.
  • A line chart should not be used across discrete categories. There is no trend here; the pattern of the line is determined by the ordering of the teams.
  • Showing the % change on a secondary axis can impart unintentional relationships. For example, the % change markers for Dallas and Phoenix appear above their respective attendance bars; this has no meaning. The position of the change marker relative to the bar is just the result of the axis scales.
  • 3D effects should be removed. They add nothing to the chart.

What Marc did:

  • Created small multiple charts by team.
  • Grouped the teams into divisions and conferences.
  • Charted average home attendance per game for each season since 2000.
  • Denoted Stanley Cup winning seasons, as these likely correlate with higher attendance.
  • Added annotations for Atlanta Thrashers relocation to Winnipeg and Vegas Golden Knights inaugural season.
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What Ryan did:

  • Calculated the percentage of arena capacity filled for home games (Credit to Justin Davis for his arena capacity calculation). I thought this was a better comparison as arena capacity varies among teams.
  • Created small multiple area charts for each team and grouped them by conference.
  • Coloured the charts by team colours.
  • Labelled the team names inside the area charts
  • Added a constant line at 100% capacity. I noticed that some attendance figures go over capacity which may be due to extra tickets sold or participation in the Winter Classic game.
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