Makeover Monday 2019 Week 13: Consumer Spending by Generation

Makeover Monday

For week 13, we look at the the spending of different generations.

What works well?

  • Percentages are labelled clearly which makes comparisons easier.
  • Grid lines are simple.
  • Using a 100% stacked bar makes it easy to see part to whole relationships for each generation.

What could be improved?

  • There there is no indication of what the y-axis measures.
  • Some more context could be provided such as when the data was collected or what country the consumers are from.
  • Difficult to compare spending for categories across generations.

What Ryan did:

  • Converted the stacked bar into bar charts
  • Coloured each generation group
View on Tableau Public

What Marc did:

  • Created small multiple bar charts by category.
  • Colour-coded each generation.
  • Created desktop and mobile views on separate pages in Data Studio. Click the link to switch between versions.
View in Data Studio

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