Makeover Monday 2019 Week 14: Waste on UK Beaches

Makeover Monday

The data for this week’s Makeover Monday challenge comes from the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean in 2017. The original chart is by the BBC.

What works well?

  • Clear title and subtitle which provides enough context
  • Types of waste are sorted from most to least
  • Overall style is visually appealing

What could be improved?

  • Using a bubble chart makes it difficult to compare the types by size
  • The chart only depicts the top 10 types of waste which makes up about 69% of the total waste found per 100 meters of beach. This could be called out somewhere on the viz.

What Ryan did:

  • The BBC article emphasized how problematic plastic pollution is so I wanted to highlight that.
  • Turned the original into a bar chart showing items per 100m by type
  • Coloured the items made from plastic
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