Makeover Monday 2019 Week 17: Stephen Curry’s Stadium Popcorn Rankings

Makeover Monday

This week’s chart comes from a New York Times article on Stephen Curry’s love for popcorn. He ranks each NBA stadium’s popcorn based on five categories.

What works well?

  • Stadium’s are sorted from highest to lowest total score.
  • Colour palette makes it easy to see the different ranks in the heatmap.

What could be improved?

  • The scale used for the rankings is not stated on the chart (it is stated in the article that a 1 to 5 scale was used).
  • Rather than encoding the data by colour saturation, a bar chart or dot plot would make differences in rating easier to perceive.

What Ryan did:

  • Remade the original chart using a dot plot.
  • Colored the columns by category.
View in Tableau Public

What Marc did:

  • Inspired by a video game “team select” screen, my viz allows two teams to be compared head-to-head.
  • The ratings across the 5 popcorn dimensions is shown in back-to-back bar charts.
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